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Waterproofing Contractor in Singapore

Welcome to Roofing Compnay | Experience in this field, our waterproofing skills and expertise have been tested, refined and proven. We are offering complete solutions using both hacking and non hacking waterproofing applications, (commercial, non commercial, industrial and industrial) for your toilets, bathrooms, showers, etc. The main areas of our service are new roofing installation / re-roofing (steel, clay, aluminium, copper, etc), waterproofing, spray painting and coating (clay, steel, aluminium, copper, etc), roof leakage repairs, wall seepage, painting (internal/external) and maintenance works to be commercial, industrial, residential, or private housing.

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Roofing is a leading waterproofing & roofing contractor in Singapore with numerous years of experience and a team of experienced workers. Each of our experts with a long experience works closely with each other so they can provide the best.

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Our vision is customer satisfaction

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Success in all endeavors.

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Always everyone on our team is ready to serve you. So contact now.

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Meet Our Team

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Our History

Our History
Superior Roofing Services

1991 - 1995

Our Most Efficient Year

In 1991 we expanded our outstanding service lists, offering a variety of energy saving solutions that we had perfected over the coarse of the last 10 years. Reliable Roofing & Retro-fit has always cared about our customers and their needs.

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  • 1982 - 1985